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To meet the ever-widening requirements for fire protection in the home and workplace, Connection Technologies designs, installs, and maintains systems to help protect private homes to mid to large facilities in various industries including medical facilities, campuses and high-rise buildings.

Connection Technologies provides everything from a four-zone panel to a large, networked system for fire, carbon monoxide, smoke and heat detection along with visual and audio alerts required but fire safety standards.  Our complete line of passive fire protection services saves lives and helps our customers proactively maintain compliance with their respective life safety codes and standards. We offer customizable solutions including fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detection, . To help you manage your compliance and make maintaining your system even easier, we also offer a wide range of reporting that’s easy to use and easy to easy to implement.

Before starting any project, we work with you to assess your specific needs. Then, we work with you to develop an integrated solution that works today with the possibility of growing as needed in the future. Because our certified technicians are trained on all major systems, regardless of vendor, they are not limited to working with certain products. We won’t sell you a system you don’t need. We are never more than one call away to answer your questions or solve your problems.